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Villa Castillo Del Mar Tours

Laguna Dudu  

Laguna Dudu, or Lake Dudu in Cabrera, Dominican Republic is an exhilarating spot that your entire  party will enjoy. This gorgeous swimming hole in the middle of the forest is actually a cenote, a natural anomaly that is essentially a large sinkhole. With crystal clear waters and visibility of up to 160 ft, diving in is a refreshing and invigorating experience.


For the adventurous guests in your group, the surrounding rock walls of Lake Dudu beckon jumpers to take a leap into the waters below. A slightly more controlled method of entry is the zipline, from which swimmers can hang on until they’re ready to make the drop. Of course, there is the good old fashioned swinging rope to clasp onto for a fun fling through the air.

Lake Dudu is part of a series of under water caverns that divers have been exploring for years. You just might encounter a few of these divers during your swim. Be sure to come already dressed for swimming, as there aren’t facilities at the lake. 15 minutes from villa

Playa Caleton with snorkeling and boat ride  

Playa Grande, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic, offers guests both seclusion and excitement. Long and broad, the beach is postcard perfect, lined with palm trees, cliffs, and of course, the aquamarine Atlantic Ocean. Visitors sit under umbrellas, sip piña coladas and enjoy alone time in the best setting possible. 15 minutes from Villa

Playa Caleton with snorkeling and boat ride  

Oh, how beautiful this place is! Mostly attended by locals, so we're revealing their secret. Great for snorkeling and fresh cooked fish. 20 minutes from Villa

Deep Sea Fishing  

Rio San Juan is a pleasant fishing and farming town located approximately 25 minutes from the villa. This town's fishermen provide the majority of this region's fish supply. You can see the boats leaving from the end of Calle Sanchez and purchase some of their daily catch from the pescaderos (fish vendors) along this same street. Start your morning on a 32ft. Catamaran and go deep-sea fishing for Marlin, Mahi, Tuna, Wahoo and other Caribbean Fish. You keep what you catch. Trip is 4 hours and includes all gear, fishing expert, captain, and beverages.25 minutes from Villa

Horseback riding  

View the beautiful mountains and scenery on horseback.  This tour lasts around 3 hours.

Jeep Safari  

Not to be missed!! Experience a day of adventure around the Dominican countryside.   You will learn about tropical plantations, friendly people and our culture. Many children along the road will be waving to you just to say Adios, which means goodbye.  We will stop in a Dominican home and learn their way of life and get to see the kitchen, living room and even the bedroom of this typical house. Stop at a golden sand beach and enjoy a very refreshing swim in La Dodo (Blue Lake). We will also visit a waterfall in Cabrera. Enjoy the best safari of our country, have direct contact with our people and see the natural beauty our country has to offer.

Quad 4 Wheelers

Come enjoy the most exciting adventure around the countryside of Rio San Juan and Cabrera. Enjoy typical scenery of the area and taste fresh coffee and fruits. Drive your own 4-wheeler through the countryside and see typical plantations and different types of homes. What a great way to experience the lifestyle of Dominicans and enjoy beautiful panoramic views! 

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