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Fun at the Villa

3 Piece Typical Traditional Band 

Relax to the Caribbean sounds of this band featuring, drum, accordion, and guitar players
Great for dinner music or combine with a bonfire.



Spend a relaxing evening around the bonfire right outside behind the pool.  We will set it all up for you and keep the fire going. 


Bonfire on the Beach 

If you prefer your bonfire on the sandy beach below, just let us know.



Our DJ will set up wherever you would like and provide entertainment.  He has a wide verity of music to keep everyone in the group on the dance floor.


Learn to Dance Merengue!

Dance the night away with our DJ playing music and 4 Merengue dancers teaching you the moves.  This is great fun for all ages.


Cigar Rollers 

We will arrange for cigar rollers to come to the villa and roll Dominican cigars for you.  The cigars are rolled right in front of you.  Enjoy them at the villa.  They are also a great gift to share with friends at home.


Dominican Jewelry and Souvenir’s 

We will arrange for Dominican Jewelry, and other items made here, to be brought into the villa. If you like anything, you can purchase it.   

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